Here’s What you Don’t know About Shift Handover that Could Help You!

Here’s What you Don’t know About Shift Handover that Could Help You!

A good flow of communication between the team members is the key to safety amongst an organization. Shift handover refers to the possibility of missing any piece of information, where an important detail is overlooked. The process of handover relies on continuity in good communication, if there’s any possibility of risk,  It might be possible that there could be a serious accident which can be avoided easily.

Shift Handover, Meaning Importance and Use.

Changing the shifts is a part of every continuous process. There are projects and plant switches are operating 24/7 and therefore there will always be a need to take breaks. Therefore, shift handover is a complicated procedure as it relies on human behavior and not on automated procedures. The major aim is to maintain the continuity and proper transfer of resp visibility and with the advent of technology shift scheduling software has been developed to overlook some of the hassles.

Shift Handover Software

To make sure that there is safety, continuity, and minimal errors a standard procedure is followed. In line with the operational requirements of different companies, every company will have its own code of conduct for shift handovers.

There is actually a little standard along with the procedure which is between different companies that follows the rigorous as well as defined process.

What is Electronic shift Handover along with Permit Systems

Shift softwaresuch as at Eschbach is used in different organizations to aid the operations team. This software is responsible for managing the shift changeover process. If the organizations consider the electronic work permit, it is imperative that they check the system and accommodate the overall operations to focus on a single process for bringing a better change.

Therefore, below are some of the points you should know about shift log software and shift handovers.

1. Incorporating the Business Rules for Different Organizations

Eschbach has a set of business rules being specific to the requirement and each site. Allowing the system to accommodate all the procedures and requirements of the system. Apart from this teh business rules such as the business issuer and acceptor

have to sign simultaneously in order to transfer permit responsibility to a new acceptor.

2. Quickly Create a new Permit if Required for the Shift Handover Software

Eschbach has the software supporting new permits, required at the shift handovers. It closes off the old permit and initiates a new permit for ensuring continuity while providing the necessary information,

This ensures proper communication between the shifts, as there a new permit created, information is also reviewed and new signatories are also taken care of.

3. Maintain Isolation Integrity for your Organization

Isolations are managed to link multiple permits with dependencies.which is why the isolation integrity might be maintained with shift handover. In case the new permit is created by the software the new shift gets to be prepared on its own.

  1. shift Logbook- Incorporate Ways

At times there are different logs which might be filled depending upon the templates that are set for the business. All these logs can be accessed using the process of the internet.

5. Track People on Shift

The Eschbach system installs a shift roster procedure booklet that aids companies to maintain their various operational, management, and production shifts.

Having All the information linked to the necessary and relevant support systems.

6. Plant Maintenance Link

Eschbach is joined to the computerized maintenance management system for different companies, therefore taking care of the operations, safety, and maintenance processes, and coordinates other things during the management of shifts.

Where to Start?

While you review the implementation of a new shift handover process it is imperative that the organization first analyze the existing process and rules to oversee what steps can be analyzed and improved, and not just focus upon  “what has always been done” into a new computer-based system.

All these processes might carry up the way in which work is done. Even the isolation management together with the shift handover together with production meetings.

  • Routine and non-routine operations that take place over shifts
  • Shift roster management
  • And so on…


Therefore, it is suggested that some of the Operations management has a good number of interrelated procedures, all of which need to function together in order to improvise efficiency and making sure that the work is taking place correctly along with the safely.

Shift handover is also an extremely important process that completely depends upon the communications that the safety incidents risk is reduced.

The permit to work system must be taken care of and should be matched with the shift handover procedures to make sure that jobs continue to take place under safe conditions even when the team members and teams change.