5 Criteria To Evaluate A Magento PWA Development Company

magento pwa development company

It’s impossible for Magento merchants to integrate PWA into their websites. Thus, hiring a Magento PWA Development company can make this task way more accessible. It is a crucial step to making this process faster and producing a better result.

This post is going to guide merchants to find the appropriate Magento PWA development company. We will reveal five criteria that store owners can base on to choose their best partner. Let’s dive in!

1/ Years Of Experience

Progressive Web App was first introduced in 2015. For an ideal Magento solution provider, it should have at least 3-year of experience. Less than this amount of experience may indicate that the company is only in the first phase of providing its service on the market.

Lacking experience also means the developers may need a longer time to build PWA. If the issues like bugs, site downtime, there is nothing to guarantee that they can handle them well.

2/ Specialization In Magento PWA

The more comprehensive the range of services offered may mean that the company is large and has plenty of staff to support customers. They have also worked with a great diversity of customers coming from businesses of different types and sizes.

However, the lack of specialization could lead to the company’s lack of technical expertise and skills in a specific field. For instance, a company working in building websites on various e-commerce platforms has done plenty of projects but just a few of them are related to Magento.

Thus, choosing a company specialized in Magento can guarantee merchants that they have both the knowledge and skills to master the Magento PWA installation process. Also, the number of customers and past projects displayed on the company’s website would truly reflect the number of its projects in Magento.

3/ Optimal PWA Solution

There are at least three ways to develop Magento Progressive Web Application:

Using PWA Extension

This method is fast, and it also has the lowest cost of the three. However, there are only some slight differences on the website, and some core features of PWA like offline mode, push notification do not have stable performance.

Magento 2 PWA Studio

Magento’s official tool includes all PWA features, but Magento stores may risk losing some core functions from a normal Magento site after integration. To deal with that, merchants will have to hire PWA developers to build a lot of custom functions for their PWA after applying the tool.

Magento PWA Themes

This is the best way to build Magento PWA until now. Most of the themes support core Magento functions and provide full PWA features. Also, there are different PWA storefronts for the merchants to choose from.

The only minus point of this method is the expensive cost of buying the theme (from $500 and above). However, if firms compare the investment in PWA themes with this technology’s profit, this turns out to be a wise investment decision.

Therefore, we highly recommend store owners find a company that provides the option of building PWA by using Magento PWA themes.

4/ Past Projects

To ensure that the Magento service provider brings high-quality solutions to firms, it is best to find evidence to prove that. Taking time to visit the past projects that have been done by the company to see whether they work well after integrating PWA is a must-do thing.

Also, try to answer these questions. As a customer to their store, are merchants satisfied with the online shopping experience? Do the products from the store make them want to purchase immediately?

Acting as a customer can help firms understand what buyers hope from the website. Plus, they can determine the agencies that can deliver the best PWA solution for their Magento store.

5/ Customer-centered Attitude

Technical expertise and skills matter, but the agency’s attitude can determine whether the final result matches your expectations. Most Magento PWA development companies claim to always be willing to meet the requirements of clients. However, not all of them could take this responsibility well.

Merchants may try to send an email in advance and see if they reply instantly, or they have to wait for a few days. They can also check if the Magento company clearly explains their concern or send a meaningless message.

If they do not show a customer-centered attitude right initially, firms should not hope to see any changes after the contract is signed.

In the working process, bear in mind that communication is a key to save time and even money for merchants.

Suppose that there is something that the merchants are unsatisfied with, or they realize that the Magento PWA developers misunderstood their requirements. In that case, the correction must be done immediately after the change request is sent.

Otherwise, it can become harder to fix when the installation process reaches further stages. It would take extra time to solve those problems. Plus, agencies can charge an additional cost for this.

Therefore, the right agency is the one that always responds to merchants’ concerns on time and does its best to deliver and meet the demands of clients.

Final Thoughts

The wide range of Magento PWA development companies available means merchants have more options. These agencies might make merchants feel confused and stressed to find the one that suits their demands. However, the process of decision-making has been simplified to only five steps. We hope that store owners would strictly follow these evaluation criteria to find an excellent partner in the Magento PWA installation.