Top 5 Digital Mail Features

Mail Features

Compared to paper mail, digitized mail is a flexible operation. It reduces handling, has a faster response time, integrates easily, cuts costs, offers more security, frees up an entire department of employees to be better utilized elsewhere, and allows you to relax and focus on business.

1.Flexible And Scalable

Designed with the ever-changing business model in mind, you get a solid establishment when teaming up with Eco-Mail, a digitized mail process that can handle the flow of your business with the flexibility to be right by your side the whole time.

2. Reduce Handling

It is more important than ever to consider a digital mail solution as it reduces mail handling. There is no touching an electronic document, therefore no risk of spreading germs. Physical mail is delivered to a mail center where it is processed. Every piece of that mail is scanned and sent electronically to the recipient. The physical mail is safely and securely stored away from your business.

3. Response Time

Speeding up the response time to your customers can be accomplished in a couple of hours rather than days. In a fast-paced work environment, quick response times make a huge difference when it comes to efficiency and service.

4. Lower Overall Costs

A massive physical mail load and the associated costs of labor, storage, and sorting are a significant resource drain at an enterprise scale. It consumes resources to stay on top of paper mail or paper record-keeping. If your business deals with a lot of paper mail, you probably have an entire department dedicated to attending it. With a digitized mail process with Eco-Mail, valuable employees become available to work elsewhere. Documents are scanned, resulting in a savings of $1 or more per piece of mail. Mail is just one example. Consider the amount of money saved if the entire company could work from home offices instead of paying for a building in which to work. It is easy to see that transforming to a digital format could lift a huge financial burden.

Digital Mail Features

5. Security

Paper mail is difficult to secure. It can be delivered to the wrong address, become available to a person who is not authorized to see it or get stolen.  Risks of these things happening reduce when using a trusted digital mail process like Eco-Mail.

 Relax And Focus On Business

There will be no more overseeing and paying an entire mail department, risking loss and delivery to incorrect recipients or storing mounds of documents with Eco-Mail. You will have a team of secure, professional mail processors opening, scanning, and sending your essential communications to the appropriate recipients, all taking place while you take care of business.