Standard Slots that you Should Avoid 

Standard Slots that you Should Avoid 

Sometimes simplicity is key to success. Today when you browse Online Slots at  you can choose from Progressive Jackpot Slots, Megaways, Branded Slots and many more. Yet simple, reliable, Standard game with a few reels and a bunch of winning combinations was where Slots started. This type of Slot still remains amongst the most popular, but popular is not equal to good. In this article we will look over some Standard Slot titles that you should avoid. 

Rainbow Riches 

This industry giant started out as a land based Slot machine back in the 20th century. It has been around for over a decade as an Online Slot and is considered one of the staples of Slots – gamblers become nostalgic when they see the famous display with a red-bearded leprechaun and a number of golden pots.

The reason why you should avoid this slot is because it is the most outdated game out there. The sound effects and graphics have barely changed since it’s Online launch in 2009. The gameplay feels stagnant and doesn’t compare to most modern Slots. Besides, the newer instalments of Rainbow Riches games such as Pots of Gold or Megaways prove to be much more advantageous with better features. The reason as to why this game is still in circulation is unknown. You should stay away from Rainbow Riches at all costs. 

Jumpin’ Jalapenos 

The funky theme that the title suggests is the only thing that this Slot has going for it. Released by WMS, this game has a disappointing RTP of 91.1%. If that is not enough to keep you away from it, Jumpin’ Jalapenos has the most Standard set of features which include Wilds and Free Spins. By landing 3 red chilli peppers you will gain 12 Free Spins and unfortunately, no multiplier. Move aside Jalapenos, more rewarding Slots are on the way! 

Poke the Guy 

This is possibly one of the strangest and stupidest Slots ever released. This title from Microgaming really came as a surprise back in 2018. The game has no reels, no features and no bonuses. It consists of a single map with a net of streets and famous landmarks (Eiffel Tower, Pyramids of Giza, Mount Rushmore) and the main character of the game, the Guy. Wearing a one-piece suit and making questionable faces, the guy stomps around the map while you try to hit him with a catapult, which you activate by betting.

The game has a horrible design and is sure to get on the wrong side of you quickly. If you manage to hit the guy you will be rewarded one of the multiplier values of either 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 18x, or the top prize of 500x and that is pretty much all there is to it. Don’t play Poke the Guy if you’re having a good day! 


You should avoid Standard Slots that are too simple with no features. There are many games out there that offer competitive features with series of rewards and they cannot be overlooked. Why spin a dead end slot with no bonuses when you could be rewarded for wagering every step of the way? Choose wisely, wager responsibly and as always, have fun.