Reasons to Migrate to MilesWeb Managed WordPress Hosting

Reasons to Migrate to MilesWeb Managed WordPress Hosting

If you’ve come here to read this blog, it means you already have a proper digital presence through your WordPress website but are struggling to upscale it. With WordPress being one of the most common and the easiest one to build and develop your website, you are looking out for the essentials needed to get your WordPress website up and running.

For those of you who are pro, you can just skip the following part and hop on to the next one. But, for those who are new or are unaware of managed WordPress hosting, let me just brief you about it.

What exactly does Managed WordPress Hosting Mean?

Managed WordPress hosting is like a co-pilot to a pilot or a chief mate to a captain of a ship. Managed WordPress hosting not just provides hosting space for your website but it takes care of administrative tasks such as security, updates and backups as well. It is like you take control of the machine (your website) and the rest of the things will be managed by the host provider. In this, the host takes due care in order to keep their servers well optimized to fulfill all your WordPress specific needs.

Now, you might think, “what if I don’t choose managed WordPress cloud hosting?” Guys, just think what would happen to a city square without a signal, wherein generally there’s not much traffic and suddenly due to an event or a new project coming nearby, there’s a sudden increase in traffic flow. Imagine a similar hotchpotch on your website and you are just clueless about what to and what not to do? In that case, managed WordPress hosting will be like a blessing in disguise. The technical team of your web host will do the needful even before the traffic causes havoc on your website. Somewhat like prompt traffic police doing his duty in disguise. So, managed WordPress hosting is just a hassle-free and secure way of hosting. It will take care of whatever you need, like taking backups, maintaining proper and optimal speed and keeping your website safe and secure from spam and hackers, and not to forget, the timely WordPress updates.

Specific Reasons to choose MilesWeb Managed WordPress Hosting.

  • Completely managed WordPress

When it comes to MilesWeb’s completely managed WordPress hosting plans, your daily requirement of server management is taken care of, by their technical team. So, you need not worry about anything related to the technical backend of your website, from required alterations in PHP versions to updates, or even server optimization everything will be taken care of.

  • Round the Clock 365 Days Dedicated Support

MilesWeb’s dedicated in-house support team contains a very smart bunch of people with excellent knowledge of WordPress. Trust me these guys are very professional and prompt when it comes to customer support.

  • Jetpack 

Jetpack is a well-known plugin that MilesWeb has integrated. It is loaded with features that makes it super easy to handle the daily business of your WordPress website, like getting traffic, speeding up images, enhancing security services, and viewing daily stats.

  • Well Boosted Performance

Technological supplements like server-level caching, SSD storage and Cloudflare Railgun, etc. will drastically improve the page load speed of your website.

  • 99.95% Uptime

To keep every client’s website up and running is a basic objective of any hosting company. MilesWeb guarantees 99.95% uptime one of the best in the lot.

  • Free Migration

Now the main thing is to migrate your website from the old host to MilesWeb servers, it will be a cakewalk for you. In addition to the dedicated technologically sound service as mentioned above, MilesWeb offers free migration. So, once opted for the service just sit back and relax, everything else related to the transfer of your data and other essentials will be properly taken care of.

  • WordPress preconfigured

With a WordPress ready hosting account, you need not worry about installing WordPress separately, as it comes with the latest version of WordPress for you. You just need to sign up and Voila! your website is ready to launch immediately.

  • Regular Backups

Now after so much energy and thought invested behind your website, suddenly if one day you wake up and see that due to some carefree action, you end up accidentally deleting all your website files. What a mess it will be. After all, who can afford unexpected data loss? But with MilesWeb, this blunder is not to happen, because these guys take the backup of your website with an interval of 24 hours or so. So that if in case you come across any such incidence, they have your back by providing the essential data as and when needed.

  • 30Days Money-back Guarantee

A refund policy is just if in case you are not satisfied with their service. Just go for your refund within 30 days.

Choose Wisely for the Way Ahead

After going through a lot and doing away with the bitter experiences of the previous hosting provider, it is better to opt for someone with a reputed and trusted past. Afterall we are going to make an investment and it has to reap the desired fruits for us.