Four Advantages Will Get From Betting With Scratch Card

Four Advantages Will Get From Betting With Scratch Card

With the advancing technology, things are becoming easier, simpler and readily available., has not overlooked this, they have master the art of moving with the pace of technology. With the introduction of betting with scratch cards on W88, there are very many advantages that come along it that many of those who bet on this site have not realized. In this article I am going to bring to your attention some of the benefits of using the cards to top us your account for betting.

Very Fast Top-Up Method

As we all know, like topping up airtime on your phone, it normally takes less that one minute to complete the whole process, W88 has taken this trend to speed up the way you can top up your account balance for betting by introducing the scratch cards. It is very fast and it saves you the cost you would have incurred transferring money from bank to bank. You, therefore, can opt-in for topping your betting account up by simply purchasing a scratch card

Higher Security

Scratch cards are very secure, not anyone else will know that you are doing a top-up on your betting account. As compared to the bank transfers, the tellers can easily notice that you are transferring money to another account. One more thing is that, the top-up goes directly to your account and there is no other money service provider involved.

More Promotions

To appreciate those who use scratch cards to top up their accounts on W88 betting, the W88 site has made available promotions for you when you scratch the card and top it up successfully. You just do not receive the amount you bought the card but you also get a token for it. This sounds so great, you can now have some extra amount on your balance after placing a bet.

All-Time Deposits

Not a single bank in any country remains open all day and all night, this may worry you when you want to bet and the banks are closed meaning you can not transfer funds. Scratch cards takes all this struggle away, you can deposit funds into your account any time of the day or night at your own convenience. This is because the mobile providers operate all the time and transactions are always running somewhere up in the air.